Mom's Blog · February 13, 2013

I wasn't going to do a blog page since we are so close to travel, but it will be a good reminder in the years to come of this journey.

Monday I called the National Benefits Center and was told that our I800 was approved!  This is another step on the US side.  Basically we sent in Makenna's information and she has been approved for a US Visa.  Now we wait as they will send the information to China.  Our agency thinks we are about 6 weeks from getting our travel approval!  We still plan on traveling the end of April.  Matt's last exam is April 27 so I am thinking we may leave April 29.  It will still depend on our consulate appointment.

We are starting to get ready for Makenna.  We have bought her a toddler bed, and we have been gathering toys and a few clothes for her.  It is exciting, but also a bit scary to think we are going to have a 2 year old very soon!  

I have added a new page called After the Airport.  Please take the time to read it.  It is very important to us to try and have a smooth adjustment.


One month till Gotcha! April 06, 2013

In one month we will have Makenna in our arms.  For some reason, this thought has me wandering around aimlessly.  I can't seem to stay focused on anything.  I have plenty to do, but I am having trouble getting things done.  Too bad I already went through the nesting phase!

Carl has me worried about N Korea.  Not only are we flying in and out of Seoul, we are flying Korean Air.  Great airline, but what will happen in the next 3 weeks?  And...bird flu seems to be making a comeback in China. Geesshh, adoption is not for sissies!  

I am finishing up some of our itinerary.  I am trying to set up guide service in Beijing.  It is very difficult.  Especially since they are 12 hours ahead of us, hard to communicate!

Well I better go wander around the house some more.  For some reason, I always wind up in Makenna's room!  

One more month-Yikes!!! March 29, 2013

In one month we will be sitting on a plane for a very long time.  Not looking forward to the air time, but excited to be this close!  We will leave here April 29 at 9 am and fly into Atlanta.  We will leave Atlanta for the dreaded 14 hour trip to Korea, yes Korea.  It is a longer route going, but the times were better, and we are flying Korean Air, one of the top airlines.  We will have a short layover in Korea and then head over to Beijing.  I don't think we will hire a guide, I think we are going to "wing it" and try and get to our hotel on our own with a taxi.  I have two reservations made, a Hilton and a Marriott.  I am not sure yet which one we will stay in, guess we will decide as it gets closer.  I do know this trip is using up all my hotel points I have saved for years!  We will be there rather late, but it will feel like morning to us.  We will try and sleep and get used to the time difference.  We will tour Beijing for a few days before heading to Makenna's province.  More details later!  

Travel Approval!!! March 18, 2013

Today I decided to wash sheets, and wash Carl's work clothes which all have to be ironed right after drying.  I also have a sick Andrew home on the couch and a mess to clean up after Natalie flooded the downstairs closet from her upstairs shower last night!  And if you read one of my earlier posts, I talked about moving thousands of pictures out of a rubbermaid container in Makenna's room.  I put the pictures in cardboard boxes and put the boxes in the closet.  You've got it, after 15 years of being in a waterproof container, a week after I move them, the closet floods! GEESHHH

So of course, at 10 am I get a call from my agency, TA is here!  I was so excited of course, but then realized I still had to finish ironing, putting sheets on the bed, and then call a few travel agents and update our site! Crazy busy day!

But...the good news is that we should have our consulate appointment tomorrow, and then we can actually pay for our flights and have that secured!

Well better go and finish, I think it is going to be a long afternoon!

Day 7 of our TA wait, and an update! March 13, 2013

Today has been a good day!  Not only are we on day 7 of our TA wait, but I received an update from the orphanage!  It included 7 pictures!  3 recent ones and 4 priceless infant photo's!  I am so happy to have these for Makenna.

I will post the new photo's soon, but I think her daddy should see them first.  

TA could come at any time now and once we have that, our agency will book our consulate appointment and then I can book our flights and hotels.  So close now!!!

TA wait begins! March 06, 2013

Today our Article 5 was picked up from the American Consulate in China and delivered to the Chinese officials.  Now we are officially waiting for our TA or Travel Approval!  We are waiting for China to officially invite us to come and pick up our daughter.  Right now the TA wait is about 2-3 weeks.  Once our agency gets the papers in their hands, we will give them 5 choices of dates for our Consulate Appointment and then once that is confirmed, we can book our plane tickets.  My first choice will be  the second week of May, so we are hoping our Gotcha Day will be May 6, exactly 2 months from today!

Matt is home on spring break and we did some shopping.  Well, actually browsing.  I don't want to buy anything until I get Makenna's updated measurements.  I should be getting those soon!

Also today Carl passed his series 9 test!  He needed to pass 2 tests for his new manager's position, and he needed to finish before we left for China.  He still has one left, but it is less material to learn and is a little easier. (hopefully)  He has been studying like crazy, but hopefully he will get a break soon.