04-00-12: Carl and I decide to adopt again
04-00-12: Paper pregnancy starts
04-00-12: Homestudy packet arrives from CCAI, Tampa Florida
05-00-12: Adoption put on hold,  make sure Carl's job is secure during layoffs
06-00-12: Adoption plans back on!
06-26-12: Physical exams for all 5 of us start
07-08-12: First homestudy visit with Leon, our SW from Natalie's     adoption
09-04-12: Biometric fingerprint appointment for Kim and Carl
09-05-12: Matt comes home for one day to have biometric appointment
09-15-12: I800 approval (fingerprints were approved)
09-17-12: Documents mailed to Tallahassee for seals
09-20-12: Documents arrive from Tallahassee
09-20-12: All 14 documents are sent to State Dept. and Chinese Embassy
10-02-12: Makenna turns 2
10-18-12: DTC-Dossier to China
10-23-12: LID-Log In Date in China
11-05-12: Referral of "Cassie" arrives  (American name given to our girl)
11-15-12: PA-Pre-Approval to adopt "Cassie"
12-26-12: OOT-Dossier is Out of Translation
01-23-13: LOA- Letter of Acceptance
01-24-13: Overnight our I800 paperwork to USCIS
02-11-13: I800 Approval                                                                             02-19-13: PDF copy sent to Guangzhou China, American Embassy               02-20-13: Article 5 drop off                                                                                                                                03-06-13  Article 5 pick-up

03-16-13: Official wait for Travel Approval starts!                                                                                                                                                             03-18-13: Travel Approval!!!!!!!