Itinerary and Map · April 20, 2013

We have our itinerary for our trip!  

4-28-13  Spend the night by the airport. Leave van at hotel

4-29-13 Leave Jax and arrive in Atlanta. Atlanta to Seoul, Korea. Seoul Korea to Beijing. (whew!)

4-30-13 Still sitting on that airplane!  Check into Hilton at Tianaman Square at 11 pm.

5-1-13  to 5-4-13 Sightseeing in Beijing

5-5-13 Leave Beijing arrive Taiyuan. Guide will meet us.

5-6-13 Makenna day!!!

5-7-13 Leave Taiyuan for Datong. Finish adoption papers. (3 hour car trip)

5-8-13 Visit Datong SWI.  Tour Yungang Grotto. Return to Taiyuan

5-9-13 Free Day

5-10-13 Get passport, notary books, fly to Guangzhou

5-11-13 Medical exam and prepare consulate documents

5-12-13 Free day

5-13-13 Shopping with Ann of Red Threads

5-14-13 Consulate! Makenna is almost a US citizen! 

5-15-13 Pick up Makenna's visa

5-16-13 Fly Guangzhou to Korea, Korea to Atlanta, Atlanta to Jax!

This is our basic itinerary, but we will remain flexible as it could change.  We will try and post every day and of course post pictures!


Here is a map so you can see where we will be.  We will start in Beijing, then fly southwest to Taiyuan.  (Datong, Taiyuan and Beijing all make a triangle) We will then drive 3-4 hours north to Datong and spend the night.  This is Makenna's city.  Datong is a coal mining town and it is located next to the Gobi Desert.

After, we will go back to Taiyuan which is the capitol in her province.  After that we will fly south to Guangzhou.  This is where we stayed last time.  Natalie is from this area, and it is also where the US Consulate is.  We will fly in and out of China with a layover in Korea.  Please pray that Korea stays free from conflict!