We enjoyed our first Thanksgiving as a family of 6.  I had lots of helpers this year.  Matt helped with the turkey, Natalie helped with the baking, and Makenna helped with the corn!  She loves helping me in the kitchen.  She will go into the pantry and get whatever I need, get a bowl and then get the can opener.

We had a wonderful Christmas together.  It was a bit more exciting having Makenna with us.  There is just something about Christmas and a young child.  Magical.

Matt and I took Makenna to see Santa.  She was so excited to see him and walked right up to him and sat on his lap.  She talked and talked to him, and wasn't afraid at all. After, she came back to me and said very loundly, "Santa Clause didn't give me my presents, where are my presents?"  It was so funny!  She was mad!

Christmas Eve was spent at our friends, the Pfuntners house for their annual dinner.  We have gone for about the last ten years and Santa always makes an appearance.  As soon as Santa walked into the room Makenna yelled, "Santa where are my presents?"  She is just so funny!  He did have a little gift for her and she was very excited.

After arriving home we put out cookies and milk and tucked everyone into bed.  (well Makenna anyway, the big kids disappeared to watch movies and stay out of the way downstairs)  The next morning Carl and I brought Makenna out first so that we could really take in her first Christmas morning.  She was a bit overwhelmed by all the gifts and her new bike sitting next to the tree.  We then went to wake the rest of the crew, and we got to work on the big pile of gifts. Everyone had a great time.  As we sat there opening gifts, my mind went back to last Christmas when I received my shirt from Matt that said, "waiting for my little girl" and the car seat from Carl.  It felt a bit unreal that she was finally here with her family.  We are just so blessed with all of our children, but I am so thankful that we were able to go back to China one more time and bring her home.  She is a perfect fit, and she is so loved!

Later in the day Connie and Jeff came to have Christmas dinner with us.  Connie and I have been friends for about 25 years.  We were foster parents together way back when, before Matt was even born.  She has known about all 4 of my kids even before Carl! (sorry Carl, but you know how it is!) She and I have shopped, daydreamed, and waited for each and every one of them, so it was so good to have her there for our first Christmas as a family of 6.

Oh, I almost forgot, when Makenna saw that Santa ate her cookies she got very mad and told everyone who would listen that "Santa Clause ate her cookies!"  She is still telling everyone!

We made it through all the holidays, and Makenna enjoyed each one.  She just goes with the flow and takes it all in.  I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

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Makenna with Grandma Ginny