So here we are almost 10 months home.  Makenna is doing fantastic.  She loves her family, and is very attached to us. Yesterday she rubbed my arm and said, "I love you mommy," then she said, "okay now you say, I love you too honey".  She cracks me up!  I am constantly laughing when she is around. She is loving to all of us.  She waits for Carl to come home every night from work and runs to the door.  If you ask her where he is she will say, "Daddy's at work making the money" She likes to put her head on his shoulderand tell him how much she loves him.

Makenna will run to the door as soon as she hears Andrew unlocking it, but he and Makenna have a constant battle over who's mommy I am.  I sit between them at dinner and Andrew will rub my arm or hug me and say, "my mommy" Then Makenna will say, "no Andrew, "my mommy".  She will scream at him until I finally have to pry him off of me because she becomes so upset.  Of course Andrew being the big brother that he is, finds this quite humorous.  It is actually pretty funny, until she becomes upset.

Makenna still calls Matt ge ge, or gu gu is how it sounds.  It is brother in Chinese.  In the car the other day she said, "my ge ge is big and strong."  I texted it to Matt and he responded, "my muo muo is little and cute."  Matt came home a few weeks ago, and Makenna insisted he came just to see her she told everyone that "ge ge came home to see her."  Matt is home on spring break this week, and he was playing with her and he banged his leg. She ran to get her doctor's kit, and knelt down to "examine" him. She then said, "ah hah, I have a diagnosis!" She is so smart! I am sure she learned it from Doc McStuffins, but she knew exactly when to say it!

Makenna is still trying to make a breakthrough with Natalie. She talks to her all the time, but Natalie is our quiet one, who hasn't been around younger children.  She doesn't quite know what to do with her, but slowly things are changing.

Makenna is doing great with her arm.  She is using it all the time, and does have more mobility.  We just don't know if it will continue to improve, or if she will reach a point where it doesn't get much better.  We have missed our opportunity for surgery, (usually before age 1)  She sure doesn't let it stop her from doing anything.  The biggest issue is that she falls down a lot, like most toddlers, but the arm doesn't bear much weight, so she is constantly hitting her head.  She seems to always have a bump on her head.  She is finally riding her bike by herself.  Grandpa Ted helped her learn to ride it, and now whenever he visits, she insists on riding it with him watching.

As you can probably guess, Makenna talks a lot.  Actually, she never stops talking!  She will talk to anyone and everyone.  The cashiers, the poor man standing in line behind me, the lady walking her dog across the street.  Everyone!  She is just a happy little girl who thinks everyone should be her best friend.  She has also enjoyed my weekly lunch dates with my friends, Linda and Diane.  At first I was afraid they would not want to have lunch as often since I now have a toddler, but she fits right in with us, and keeps us laughing.  They joke that I won't be able to get her to go to kindergarten because she isn't going to want to give up her weekly lunches!  She has the best personality, and we never know what she is going to come up with.  If she hiccups or burps, she will say, "don't worry ma, I okay".  Oh, okay sweet girl, mom was worried all right!

As you can tell, we are truly enjoying our new girl, isn't all flowers and rainbows.  Adoption is hard.  Each age brings it's own set of issues, but we have been very fortunate, aside from the initial adjustment, we have done pretty well.

Whew, I had a lot to update, and lots of pictures to post. Enjoy!  



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Wow, the guys are wearing shirts! I feel like every photo I have of them, they aren't wearing shirts!